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New York Criminal Record Sealing
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Putnam County Record Sealing

A conviction from years ago for a minor or non-violent offense should not hold you back from moving on with your life, obtaining a job, and becoming a contributing member of society. These were the sentiments shared by Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, according to the New York Daily News.

The sentiment expressed by DA Gonzalez appears to be shared by members of the New York Legislature. They recently passed a new statute, which was subsequently signed into law by the governor, that allows individuals to seal certain criminal records.

Although expungement is not available in New York, sealing of criminal records is.

The new law does not allow anyone with a record to pursue a sealing order. In fact, the new law can only be utilized by someone with two convictions or fewer on their record. In addition, only one conviction can be a felony. Another prerequisite is that at least ten years must have elapsed since your last criminal conviction.

Who Qualifies to Have Their Criminal Records Sealed in Putnam County?

As you can see, this means if you have two felony convictions or your last conviction was five years ago, for example, you will not be able to take advantage of this law. Also, if you were convicted of a violent offense or you are a convicted sex offender, you will be unable to get those types of convictions sealed.

Criminal Record Creates Significant Hurdle in Obtaining Full-Time Employment

Members of the New York Legislature may have been influenced by the plethora of studies and analyses showing the stigma that is associated with having a criminal record and the hindrance it places on someone trying to get a job. For example, a multi-year study conducted by Arizona State University researchers showed that applicants with a criminal record were much less likely to get a call back from a prospective employer. If that was not bad enough, employers said they have the lowest opinion of a job applicant with a criminal record, often associating them with being dishonest and more prone to have drug and alcohol problems.

An experiment was run wherein one job applicant had a criminal record and one applicant did not. Both applicants had the same set of skills, experience, and qualifications. The only difference was the individual’s criminal record, and that made a huge difference in the employment outcomes. The applicant with a criminal record had a much lower response rate compared to the second applicant, with the same qualifications, who did not have a record.

The Benefit of Having Your Putnam County Criminal Record Sealed

When your conviction record gets sealed, it is generally not accessible by an employer. Only the authorities and specific licensing agencies are able to access a criminal record after it is sealed.

Putnam County Criminal Record Sealing Lawyer Here to Help

Do not let your criminal record hold you back any longer. Take action and determine whether you qualify to have your criminal record sealed. Speak to an experienced criminal record sealing attorney. To learn more, contact Levy & Rizzo, LLC, the Clean Slate Attorneys today for further assistance.

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