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New York Criminal Record Sealing
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About Us

Levy and Rizzo, LLC. Jeffrey Rizzo and Eric Levy are both long-time New York criminal defense lawyers who started out in public defense and have spent years working in New York’s criminal justice system. Our lawyers have witnessed the harmful effects a criminal record can have on people who made a bad choice years ago to drive when they had too much to drink, or whose decision to experiment with drugs left a permanent black mark on their ability to achieve a brighter future. View their profiles below:

When New York passed a law providing a chance for people in these situations to improve their lives, Jeff and Eric immediately saw the need for quality, dedicated legal services to help people make the most of this incredible opportunity. Eric and Jeff formed Levy & Rizzo, LLC to inform the public about their options under New York’s record sealing law, and to assist eligible individuals through the process of applying to have their eligible records sealed, including representation in court if their application is challenged by the District Attorney.

With local, experienced New York criminal defense attorneys on your side, you stand the best chance of putting the past behind you and moving forward without the burden of having an ancient criminal record open to inspection by prospective employers and others who have the power to affect your quality of life. Levy & Rizzo, LLC offers a free initial consultation to help determine whether you are eligible to benefit from New York’s criminal record sealing law. Call 718-585-3400 today, and open your door to a brighter future.

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